Showko Comedy


Showko Showfukutei

Showko is arguably the world’s quirkiest and most original ventriloquist. Her combination of standup, ventriloquism, and Japanese comedy is hugely entertaining and wonderfully offbeat. She is Melbourne based and performing worldwide. 

Armed with a sharp wit, a keen sense of kookiness and an adorable collection of hand-made puppets (including Ninja Ken and Sushi Master) it’s no wonder Showko was a finalist on Australia’s Got Talent and has her own special on Amazon Prime Video (US & UK). 

Showko performs Rakugo as well (Japanese traditional ‘sit down’ comedy). She is a member of the Kamigata Rakugo Association, and is the only fully trained professional Rakugo performer currently living outside Japan. 

Showko is also an actor trained in the Lee Strasberg ‘Method’ acting technique.

笑福亭笑子(しょうふくてい しょうこ)


 2004年 笑福亭鶴笑入門。メルボルンを拠点に活動。落語家修行は異例のロンドンにて。
 AmazonプライムビデオUK&USにて、笑子のソローショー”Absolutely Normal” 配信中。




Sushi Master

Sushi Master is a happy widower who runs a sushi cafe. He dreams of being awarded a Michelin Start but is too innovative to get any award or even customers. He loves to make jokes which are sometimes very funny and sometimes too bad so it makes us laugh! 

Ninja Ken

Ninja Ken has many unuseful Ninja skills! All he wants to do is save the world!

Herro Kitty

Former Hollywood star Herro Kitty dreams of walking on the red carpet again. She is a Disco queen! But she has tender heart. and has just recovered from a relationship breakdown.

Q the Angel

Q the Angel is a Baby angel who wants to have attention. He has a motivational and wellbeing program with Showko “100 days to be a star!” He gives you alternative angel advice.

Johnny the Koala

After he lost his house form the bushfire, he became an entrepreneur and became the most successful Koala!

Cucumber Sushi Monster

It is vegan and has two faces.
If you don’t finish eating cucumber sushi it will come and eat you up instead. It’s very dangerous! Watch out!